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Insurance Domain name

Get Started By Filling out your .INSURANCE Registration Form Today!.INSURANCE Registration Form

.Insurance Domain Name RegistrationNew marketing and Branding opportunities with .Insurance!

.Insurance is protected, trusted and easily identifiable spaces on the internet for the global insurance communities and the customers they serve.

Ideally suited for the global insurance communities and the customers they serve.

Who is eligible for .Insurance domain name?

Only verified members of the insurance communities can be eligible to register .Insurance domain name.
For the Insurance companies, agents, brokers and intermediaries the vetting process can embody the charter and or Licensure verification through the applicant’s native and national regulators.

When will .Insurance be available for purchase?

.Insurance is expected to be released in the later part of 2016. Before making it available for all insurance companies, there will be a transition period during which, it will be available only for trademark holders. If you are a trade Mark holder apply Now!.

What is sunrise period?

The transition period mention earlier is known as the sunrise period. The sunrise period lasts for a period of 30 days. During this period the trademark holders have an added advantage over other eligible registrants in the community, as they can register their trademarks before others. They alone (1. They should register in the trademark clearing house. 2. They should meet ftld eligibility requirements.) May purchase .insurance domain for their trademark.
If you had registered your Trade Mark in a name other than .insurance then you will not able to register during this period (sunrise period). And you will have to wait till it is available generally to all insurance companies.

Enhanced security controls for .Insurance domains

We at Goodluck domains follow a strict set of protocols for registering the .insurance domain name.
Such protocols are not required in any of the current domains and they are
• To help legitimate members of the insurance community are awarded the .insurance domain name, we will mandatorily verify licenses for regulated entities.
• To prevent genuine internet users from lading on malicious sites and to help them land on the correct .insurance site, we follow Domain name system security extension (DNSSEC) protocol.
• We also authenticate the email of end users to prevent spoofing, Phishing and other malicious activities.
• We also follow multi factor authentication to ensure higher level security and to ensure that only authorized users can make changes to the data base.
• There are three stake holders in this exercise
1. Registrar
2. Registry
3. Registrant

We follow NST level 3 encryption to protect the exchange of information between the three stake holders.
• For faster detection of unacceptable use of domain name and registrant activities we follow abuse monitoring protocol. • We strictly enforce ftld complaints, to ensure higher levels of security.
• We prohibit proxy registration to prevent private registration of .insurance
• All registered information and whois data will be made public and transparent.

How can I find out more about .Insurance?

More information about policies, FAQ, etc can be found at

Information on .Insurance domain name:

Requirement – Verification Required
          Sunrise - May 9, 2016
          General Availability - June 15, 2016
Category - Financial